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Gramp's™ Room-2 America First Chat Room, Winning the War against Liberal Indoctrination of our youth, Not a Fox Live News or CNN Talk Show,. Watch Live Now Today Free Online 24/7.'
Chat Room Rules
This is a Pro-President Trump interactive chat;

1. If you type some stupid shit we don’t like, then it will be deleted.
2. If you piss off a moderator then you will take 5.
3. If you piss off a moderator again then you will get a hammer in the Ass.
4. No Racists Bullshit, (User Names/Avatars)
5. No Personal Attacks.
6. Fuk Bombs are ok if it’s in the Proper Context.
7. Don't Be A Dick.

* If you get hit by Friendly Fire someone will let you know to just hang in there.



Mod Room-